5 Functions of Life Insurance

Discussing this time will know about the function of life insurance, there are at least 5 life insurance functions here.

Life insurance provides coverage amounting to the amount stated on the policy if the insured dies.

Beneficiaries are designated heirs in the policy. Usually the family of the insured.

There are at least 5 functions that benefit recipients can feel.

1. Protecting the family from losing income if the main breadwinner dies
This is a basic function of life insurance.

As long as we have a living (partner, children), as long as we also need life insurance.

2. Protect the family from the debt burden.
Maybe the house that we occupy, the vehicle we use, the things we have, etc., are partially or completely taken from the debt.

Debt is the worst inheritance a husband and father might give.

Debt not only burdens the family left behind, but also the person who inherits it, because even in the hereafter the debt will not be considered paid off.

3. Providing a number of valuable inheritance for children.
Financial planners often suggest that the life insurance contract period only reaches the stage when the children are independent or until the debt is repaid.

You could say, this might be the obligatory.

But planning life insurance as a legacy is equally important, especially for this era.

It may be true that parents have succeeded in going through a period of raising children, and now all of their children are independent.

But being independent does not mean rich and lots of money.

Maybe their income is still mediocre, so they can’t buy a house or vehicle.

Now the price of houses is expensive. Maybe they can afford to pay the installments, but for the down payment they don’t.

Rest assured, children will be very grateful to parents who continue to insure their souls even though they are adults.

4. As final expenses.
Dying is a cost. For the wages of people who bathe, for funerals, snacks for mourners, for tahlilan, printing Yasin books, arranging death certificates, and others.

Especially in urban areas, burial land is expensive, millions of rupiah can only be rented for three years.

And the cost of tahlilan, for those who implement it, is even more expensive.

Even in some regions, adat related to death costs a lot of money. For example in Bali, Batak, and Toraja.

5. Become alms fingers for the last time.
This is an additional function of life insurance which is rarely stated by financial planners.

If the first function has passed (the child is independent), the second function has passed (the debt has paid off), and so is the third and fourth functions (the children are very rich so they do not need any inheritance and no final expenses) , then UP souls can be offered to poor people, mosques, charitable institutions, or social activities.

This will be the last act of worship for the person concerned, reducing the record of his sins, and illuminating his journey in the realm of eternity.

Such are the functions of life insurance. So what are you waiting for, you as a breadwinner for your family, you must have life insurance, for your family.

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