Month: January 2019

The Right Insurance for a Mother

Being a mother is an amazing gift, mother’s role is so complex and challenging. From the process of pregnancy, childbirth, to breastfeeding and managing all the needs of children and households. Therefore a mother needs to get a protection to prevent various risks that might occur. The most appropriate form of protection is insurance, which

Why You Need Insurance

Sometimes reality doesn’t meet our expectations, not as smoothly as our expectations, not as smooth as what we expect. Unexpected things can happen in our lives. But you don’t need to be afraid and nervous, because there is insurance that will help you. Why Do You Need Insurance? Insurance is one of the keys so

Understanding of Insurance You Must Know

Hello this is a new blog, and here we will explore and share what insurance is, for those of you who want to get information about insurance, here is the right place. Definition of insurance is? Insurance is an agreement that involves the insurer and the insured that gives an obligation for the insured to

Health Insurance that you must know

Living in this age sometimes there are still people who don’t pay much attention to health insurance, even though this health insurance is very useful for you and your family. Therefore we will explain here what is health insurance and why you need to have health insurance. Health insurance is an insurance that functions to

Five Benefits of Life Insurance

In our daily lives as humans we will not know what will happen next, we don’t know the things that become the future, for example in the case of our business being bankrupt, in terms of health we might get sick. Insurance is an important thing in life, which can make us at least reduce

5 Functions of Life Insurance

Discussing this time will know about the function of life insurance, there are at least 5 life insurance functions here. Life insurance provides coverage amounting to the amount stated on the policy if the insured dies. Beneficiaries are designated heirs in the policy. Usually the family of the insured. There are at least 5 functions